Lishan High Mountain Tea


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Lishan High Mountain Tea features a complex blend of fruity citrus and sweet floral flavors accompanied by a distinctive, incomparable complex floral aroma, the signature of Lishan High Mountain Tea.

Grown in the high mountains that were initially known for its pears and apples, Lishan is now renowned for as "the king of oolong tea". The distinct taste and aroma are only possible with the combination of Lishan's high altitude, day and night temperature fluxations, and thick fogs. The results of Lishan's environment are slower growing, but thicker and more aromatic tea leaves. Due to the low harvest (only 2-3 harvest per year), Lishan High Mountain Tea grows lush and is said to be sweeter than any other tea in the world.

This tea, plucked only from the tips of the tea stem, is rich in flavor and aroma brews the color of gold. Like Taiwan's Golden Waterfall, it is the most time-honored and precious tea Taiwan has to offer.

Attributes: Light Oxidation Oolong Tea

Aroma: Fruity citrus / poppies / fresh green floral