Oriental Beauty Tea




Oriental Beauty Tea features undeniable fruit and honey notes paired with a distinctly sweet, honeyed aroma, the signature of Oriental Beauty Tea.


Oriental Beauty Tea is renowned for being sweeter than most teas. The secrets of this delicious tea are in the bites of green grasshoppers and the tea plant's enzymes that are released to attract the grasshopper's predators. A delicate balance between the art of making "bug-bitten tea" and the heavy roasting of the tea leaves produces a sweet, non-bitter, and fruity tea.


The art of cultivating such a tea requires extensive expertise. Oriental Beauty Tea leaves bitten by grasshoppers can have a reduction in yields of up to 50%. Allowing tea leaves to become overly damaged results in unpleasantly bitter tasting tea that cannot be sold. Due to its naturally small supply and high demand, this premium tea is rare to find in large quantities. Said to fetch higher prices than other teas, it was nicknamed "Braggart's Tea" after the farmers' boasts.


This tea, sweet like orange honey, will have you feeling warm within like the orange rays of the sun that help to grow such premium tea.


Attributes: Heavy Oxidation Oolong Tea


Aroma: Fructose / honey / caramel aroma